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WRITER | Ezra Brain & J Andrew Norris

DIRECTOR | Ezra Brain (Violet, Soft Power)

HISTORY | All through Winter 2021, Hawley developed the story for the short film with writers Ezra Brain & J Andrew Norris, and then shot on location in Harlem in January 2022. 

"What Being a Woman Means to Me" won Best LGBTQ+ Film for January/February at the Reale Film Festival. It also received an honorable mention at the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival. 

SUMMARY | "What Being a Woman Means to Me" follows Michelle Brooks, a semi-popular social media influencer, as she spirals in the face of a simple writing prompt: what does being a woman mean to her? Everything Michelle has ever thought of herself is tested in this experimental short that seeks to show a first person POV of what realizing you are transgender feels like, including the horror, anxiety, and (eventual) freedom.

What Being a Woman Means to Me 

january 2022

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